Those Secrets? There's more to them.

Cabin Fever

By Cassandra Rose

This past weekend marked the end of days auditions for Cold Basement Dramatic’s final show of season one, Brief Looks From The Afterglow. After months of wrangling schedules, game-changers, and rewrites, it’s about damn time.

Ever since I first read Robert Francis Curtis’ play, I have been itching to see everything play out off the page and on the stage. This is a play where the devil walks outside the shadows and a claustrophobic cabin becomes the final stronghold for humanity. The characters shudder from each page with enough force to knock the logs out of the walls. These are people that have survived a disintegrating world to find each other. They’re not going down without a fight. And that fight starts now.

Look out, Chicago, Cold Basement Dramatics is bypassing the Apocalypse and skipping right to the last page.


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