Those Secrets? There's more to them.

Meet the Company: Sam Hubbard

We finish introducing the 3 founding members with the loved and hated Sam Hubbard, our resident Violence Designer. Here you go!

Sam Hubbard
Age: 20
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

What do you do?
Actor/Fight Director, in that order.

Favorite Play?
Hamlet.  More important the penicillin?  You bet ya!

What’s your favorite show you’ve ever seen or worked on?
That’s a tough one.  As far as shows I’ve seen I’ll never forget Patrick Stewart’s Tempest with the RSC in 2006, superb blending of genre and incredible performances. The original American God of Carnage with Jeff Daniels and James Gandolfini will also always stick with me, just one of the most air-tight 2 hours I’ve ever spent.  Also, like just about any Chicago theatre-goer I was blown away by Steppenwolf’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.  When it comes to shows I’ve been a part of Cody Estle’s The Normal Heart, George Lyon’s The Lonesome West and A Streetcar Named Desire with Pioneer Theatre Guild all stand out as particularly great experiences.

First Theatrical Experience: Seeing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at age 6 is probably the least appropriate introduction to the theatre imaginable for me but there you have it.  My first time getting my hands dirty with this acting thing was when I was 7 and got to be a part of Peter Pan with the Ann Arbor Young Actors Guild.  I sword fought, spend time around pretty girls and, as Michael Darling, “I flewd”. Much more up my alley.

Favorite quote: Its a long one.  It starts with “Hung be the heavens…” (Henry VI part I) and ends with “…Let your indulgence set me free” (Tempest).

Whats your secret?
Guess you’ll have to come see our shows to find out.


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