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Meet the Cast of Brief Looks: Kaitlin Larson

As we get closer to our opening night for Brief Looks from the Afterglow, we’re going to be introducing you to our very talented cast members, letting them tell you a bit about themselves in their own words. First up is Kaitlin Larson:

Hey, you look pretty familiar. Where might I have seen you before?

I may look familiar to any college student who has spent their drunk Thursday nights at Studio Be on Sheffield. I perform improv there every Thursday at 10:30pm with Columbia’s Droppin’ $cience. That’s how people might know me.

Tell me a little about your character in Brief Looks. No spoilers, please!

Well, I play Marlene who is the mother of Stephen and Teresa. She’s just you know, trying to keep her family safe and not die. She also looks out for everyone in the cabin, she’s everybody’s mom.

Kaitlin, Swimming with the Fishes

What’s different/challenging/exciting about working on a new play versus an established one/a sketch show/improv/what you usually find yourself working on?

Remembering the new re-writes, and also having the playwright there to directly answer any questions about the script is damn cool.

How would you prepare yourself for events like what happens in Brief Looks? How long do you think you, not your character, would make it in similar circumstances?

I’m not preparing. I already know if something like this happens during my lifetime, I’m for sure in the first wave of people to go. I’ve accepted that.

Well, you’ve been really friendly, thanks! Anything you’d like to add?


Thanks Kaitlin! 

See Brief Looks from the Afterglow

JUNE 30- JULY 2, 2011 @ 7:30 PM

At Gorilla Tango Theater

Buy Tickets!


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