Those Secrets? There's more to them.

Meet the Cast of Brief Looks: Elise Freiberg

Next up in our introductory series: Elise Freiberg!

Hey, you look pretty familiar. Where might I have seen you before?

Oh you know, cocooned and hangin’ from the rafters.
Tell me a little about your character in Brief Looks. No spoilers, please!

Well, I play a mute girl, traumatized into silence ( that’s not
spoiling right?). This is pretty funny because I talk more than just
about anyone I know. It’s neat playing a character that can’t say
anything, being a watcher is really different.
What’s different/challenging/exciting about working on a new play
versus an established one/a sketch show/improv/what you usually find
yourself working on?

It’s very cool getting to ask the questions that no one has ever asked
before, because we’re the first ones to ever play these parts. Having
the writer around to answer questions is also not something you
usually get to do and is a huge bonus.
How would you prepare yourself for events like what happens in Brief
Looks? How long do you think you, not your character, would make it in
similar circumstances?

I like to think Id be a trouper if it really cames down to it, but the
thing about disasters is that individual reactions are totally
unpredictable. I’d like to think I’d suck it up and do the best I
could, but maybe I’d crack after 24 hours and develop a totally
different disaster personality. It would be the inevitable and
permanent loss of any hope of  ever eating a Popsicle again that would
really break you. That would be pretty lame cos’ popsicles are pretty
Well, you’ve been really friendly, thanks! Anything you’d like to add?

You’re sotof a babe Liz Siedt.

(Oh goodness me! -Liz)


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